Shallow Dreams & Broken Hearts

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What Really Happens When You Die: Ena’s Song 

She sang of a tortured heart, of innocence lost at childhood and crying blood at the foot of heaven’s door for someone

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John Mayer’s “Age of Worry” and the Key to Adulting

age of worry


for the people who think no one understands


It's been a while


And sometimes I catch myself begging my head to save me from the foolishness of my heart.           — 1:29 (how much pain can we hold in before we explode?)

Clipped Wings and Fallen Angels

Clipped Wings and Fallen Angels

Better Days Are Ahead 

This same pain again

Sunday Read – The Coming

Our love is like the wave of the ocean....

late night thoughts (deception)


Short Story – She Is Love

she is most beautiful when she laughs

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