Shallow Dreams & Broken Hearts

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What Really Happens When You Die: Ena’s Song 

She sang of a tortured heart, of innocence lost at childhood and crying blood at the foot of heaven’s door for someone

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A, B, C.

      I am so here, I am so here - I am itchy, it burns and my skin is red and I am so alive! I have scrawled in black biro across my hands this year:   Do no... Continue Reading →

It’s The Distance

“I knew your trip would work” I suddenly blurted, breaking the thick post-sex awkward silence that was starting to settle in the room.   “What do you mean?” She asked without opening her eyes. I let my next words hang... Continue Reading →

John Mayer’s “Age of Worry” and the Key to Adulting

age of worry


for the people who think no one understands


It's been a while


And sometimes I catch myself begging my head to save me from the foolishness of my heart.           — 1:29 (how much pain can we hold in before we explode?)

Clipped Wings and Fallen Angels

Clipped Wings and Fallen Angels

Better Days Are Ahead 

This same pain again

late night thoughts (deception)


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