Shallow Dreams & Broken Hearts

unfettered imaginations

What Really Happens When You Die: Ena’s Song 

She sang of a tortured heart, of innocence lost at childhood and crying blood at the foot of heaven’s door for someone

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To Whom It May Concern

i got nothing to prove

late night thoughts (this one about new beginnings)


Stay For Now

Get out of my head. Get out. But Stay.   Stay because I love you. Not the kind of bullshit love in books and movies, no. The hateful kind filled with bile and a graveyard darkness that hurts my ego... Continue Reading →

Need. Sleep. Now

i actually really need to sleep

late night thoughts (this one about insomnia)

I've always been a fucking masterpiece

If These Walls…..

i can feel your reign when it cries, gold lives inside of you

Finding Faith: Islam, Christianity, Logic

a phenomenon being deemed illogical doesn’t always mean it’s not true likewise an ideology being thoughtfully logical doesn’t mean it can’t be wrong

Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

the eyes never lie


if these walls could talk, they'd tell me to swim good. No boat, I float better than she would.

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