I watch her keenly as she takes a long drag from the pipe in her hands. She inhales with her eyes closed and slowly opens them to exhale. Her naked breasts glisten with sweat as they rise and fall. A cloud of smoke floats across my eyes and eases itself into the calm air. She takes another drag and hands me the pipe.
“Kiss me” I whisper as I feel lucidity slowly sucking me into its void. She obliges and leans in. She tastes like lemon and burning wood. Her wet lips coats my cotton mouth. She whispers inaudibly and chuckles as she pulls away to sit across me. I can’t make out the words, but I smile anyway. Silence settles between us.
“What if you fall in love with me and I still don’t leave her?” I ask, lighting the pipe for a long drag.
“That is how people lose their heads” she replied leaning backward to rest on her arms.
“And is there a remedy for that?” I exhale, clouding the air again.
“If I lose my head over you, I’ll take yours and walk away” She pauses to smile “If you won’t give me your heart, you won’t be doing much thinking about her either” she muses, holding a sultry glare as if she were peering into my soul.
A smile settles itself on my face and I chuckle “Sounds fair” I shrug.

2:37 – (Baby I got a plan, Runaway fast as you can)


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