The Reverie

“Who are you?” I inquired. She kept mute as she swayed in the moonlight. Her naked form, glistened under the night glow of the moon. The ocean’s moonlight reflections highlighted her bold features from a distance. She moved her hips with a seductive precision. Her sweet scent, indistinct and leaving almost as soon as it begins to waft into my senses.
“I must have you” I mutter to myself, bewitched by the seductress’ charm.

She stopped suddenly, dead in her tracks and locked her face onto me, like she just realized I had been sitting there the entire time. Almost in the same instant, she starts inching towards me with a new determination. Moving faster yet tastefully sultry and rhythmic. She approaches and pushes me backward to lean against my arms for support. She slowly moves against me. I groan as my body comes alive. I try to will her to make contact pushing my head forth and puckering my lips for a kiss. She ignores my eager lips and leans closer to nibble my earlobes “I’m not real, you can’t be here” she slowly whispered. Her voice was as soft as the morning breeze.

“What?” I giggle, barely making any sense of her statement and ignoring the insanity of that insinuation.

“I’m not real, none of this is real. You have to wake up” she whispers again.

“What are you talking about?” I asked again. Trying to move closer to her body. In a flash, she rises from my body and starts walking towards the ocean. I couldn’t believe my luck, still maintaining her rhythmic walk, I bolted after her. I ran against the wind as it blew hard against my face. She seemed so near yet so far. Despite the speed of my skinny legs and her slow dance-walk, the gap between us wasn’t closing. A brief moment came as we neared the ocean shore, she came into view and I was convinced I could reach her. I stretched my arms to grasp nothing but air. What the hell? I could almost hear the universe going off on a maniacal laugh at that moment as I watched her descend into the shining water. I dive after her and I felt a heavy push to my chest and water splash across my face. I cough out a wad of salt water as I open my eyes to see excited faces staring down at me. A vaguely familiar figure kneeling beside me and broadly smiling shouts “Thank God! He’s alive!”


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