I am an expert at being infatuated with someone and never letting
it turn into something. I tell myself I am not relationship material.


I know this is true because I expect the person to be superhuman.
I ask for more than I give. I hate being suffocated but I will suffocate.


I will write about what your skin feels like and what your lips taste like, but never about what shape your lips make when they


speak because if we’re being honest, I haven’t paid attention. I am not
sure what your skin looks like when it bleeds because I have


never been there for you. I will write about the infatuation
I feel for your voice and I will not talk about the love I feel for


your words because truth is, I feel none. I am not the kind of person that belongs in relationships


right now.


I will learn how to love properly later, but I don’t want you to wait for me because truth is, I have never wanted


to love you.


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