“Can we continue?” The therapist asked. I absently nodded, watching the birds outside the window flutter off a tree branch.
“Doc, how do we heal from pain?”


“Healing is a personal process.” she started and paused. It was unusual for me to ask her questions, so I was uncertain if she would say anything more.
“Healing is discovering yourself, embracing your light and darkness, It’s letting go of bitterness. Healing is living instead of enduring.” she stopped and sighed. “But mostly, to heal is to forgive and forget.” She added, delivering each word between short but relaxed breaths. I met her eyes with a curious glare.
“Forgiving is easy,” I said near-mutter “But forgetting is….” I stared through her into nothing as my voice trailed off.
“Well, the thing is, we often live in this illusion where we think forgetting means to permanently erase from our memories” she uncrossed her legs, arranging her files in a single stack. “In reality, forgetting as a process of healing from pain means to remember without hurting.” she finished, rising from her seat to indicate the end of our session.