Flash Fiction – Sidi

I feel her fingers running across my chest as a silver cloud of cigarette smoke danced in the moonlight across my eyes. A long string of sweat rolled off my forehead, a reminder that despite giving an open invitation to mosquitoes, the wide-open window was doing very little to reduce the searing heat. I turned to my side to stare at her naked form, then slowly raised my gaze to her face. Sidi has more eyes than other people, her large brown pupils glistened in the dark as she stared into the nothingness of my broken ceiling, she exhales a cloud of smoke from her nose with delicate precision and passes me the cigarette. I take a long drag, holding the smoke inside, alongside all the questions on my mind. I exhaled towards the window, to catch a glimpse of clothes carelessly draping out of Sidi’s bags, a clear sign her hurry out of her father’s house didn’t afford her time to fold them into her bags properly. I take another long drag, allowing the growing silence to stay longer in the room.

“Why so quiet my love?” Sidi finally asks.

I wanted to keep mute, but the back of my throat was starting to hurt, not from the cigarette, but from a bursting dam of thoughts pushing upwards from deep inside. I exhale.

“Sidi, you know you have to return home in the morning?”

She says nothing back. It’s completely dark on her side of the bed but I know she’s looking at me. I feel her left leg slowly drape itself around my hips to pull me towards her. Our bodies are drawn together almost immediately, with her’s atop mine. We start kissing slowly.

Then suddenly, I’m pulling away, I know what she’s doing.

“I mean, if the school authorities found out about us or worse your parents… My job…. My career..” She cuts me short, with a breathy whisper. I don’t hear what she says but I feel her lips on mine again. She slowly wraps her fingers around my left wrist and reached behind with my open palm to find one-half of her buttocks.

“Yes my love, yes I know” she replied, running her fingers below between my thighs and guiding me into her warmth. “But now you know..” she moaned softly “Now you know what I can do for you” she moaned again as her eyes rolled into her head.

— 5:59 (Inhale, exhale)


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