Get out of my head. Get out. But Stay.


Stay because I love you. Not the kind of bullshit love in books and movies, no.
The hateful kind filled with bile and a graveyard darkness that hurts my ego to say.


I miss you not the kind because I haven’t seen you in a long time, No.
The deep cut, “I miss you here” kind, with a jagged edged knife that slides in to renew the pain every time I see how much you’ve moved on without me.


I want to fall for you. A hard and fast fall to the head. Not the kind I fell for you. No, the literal kind that would black me out, sending several jolts of pain coursing through my spine with a deep thud that would erase all memories of your existence from my head when I wake up.


Please get out of my head. But stay. Stay for now.


4:21 (You do to me, what the night does to day)