It’s The Distance

Isaac West
Isaac West

“I knew your trip would work” I suddenly blurted, breaking the thick post-sex awkward silence that was starting to settle in the room.

“What do you mean?” She asked without opening her eyes. I let my next words hang behind my throat, unsure if I wanted to respond. Supporting myself on one elbow, I raised my head to watch her face. Mesmerized, as the wind swayed the mango tree canopy covering my windows, allowing rays of the sun, slip into the room and across her dark face. The late afternoon sun accentuated her warm glow, rolling across the rich brownness of her high cheekbones and large eyelids. A beautiful sun child in a world of ugly monsters and black worm holes. I almost chuckled.

“I knew the distance would slow things down, clear the mind you know? So we can take a closer look at what is going on between us?” I finally respond.
“What is going on between us?” She responded with another question. I sighed softly, this conversation was already sailing out of script.
“Oh, I thought you knew” I responded with a mock surprise.
“We’re just fucking, aren’t we?”
“Pretty much” I shrugged, trying to hide the relief in my voice.
“I wouldn’t date you anyway” She mutters near whisper, breaking another deadening silence that was beginning to engulf the room.
“Excuse me?” I reiterate, failing to hide the shock in my voice.
“I wouldn’t date you, you make me too happy”
“What does that even mean?”
“Anything that makes anyone this happy, belongs in fantasies and surreal daydreams”
“I’m waiting for you to make your point”.
“Some dreams make you smile in your sleep” She began, slowly opening her hypnotic brown eyes “Some dreams become nightmares and have monsters in them. Either way, both of them don’t end until you wake up and honestly…” She trailed off
“Honestly what?“
“Honestly, I don’t even intend to fall asleep” She finished, raising her head to place a soft kiss on my bewildered face.



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